I am a stay-at-home mother with two awesome, funny, gorgeous children (who look nothing like me): BabyGirl (BG), 3, and BabyBoy (BB), almost 2; two cats (sort of obese, but fabulous and happy); and a slight addiction to books and Internet shopping (which these days is more virtual than real—fine, as hardly anyone delivers here anyway). I am married to a sweet brilliant man of very few words, to whom I shall refer as “Husband.” In my previous incarnation before wifedom and motherhood, I lived and traveled all over the world, learned different languages, and made friends with fascinating and wonderful people, many of whom I am still lucky enough to know. I saw countless sunrises in various countries after dancing all night and discussing major world “issues” through vats of wine and sundry obscure spirits. I read, studied (thanks to a prolonged very advanced education), slept, wore cool clothing, and had spur-of-the-moment adventures and proper hobbies. Pretty much the opposite of what I have now. Or is it?

I am at the beginning of our current adventure: moving somewhere completely and utterly unknown, yet I never needed a passport (though if you motor over to the BVI you need one, but that’s beside the point). I see gorgeous sunrises every morning (something about naturally waking up early in the tropics, our latitude, and having little ones); I dance more now that I have kids than I ever did as just a wife (and I get to choose the music); and I am one of the only ones (besides BG) who can speak BB’s language—which is ALMOST English. I still drink wine, just not enough to make me regret those sunrises, and no longer go out at 11pm (the thought of which now fills me with gigantic yawns). I am rediscovering all my favorite childhood books and finding new ones with my babies. And when I don’t sleep, it’s because I stayed up all night trying to finish a “grown-up” book—you know, the ones without pictures. Hobbies now include all sorts of children’s activities, but I am already trying to teach them mine—tennis, swimming, and soon enough, sailing, skating, and skiing (although the last two might be a bit tough down here). Basically, it is a new, interesting, and wonderful life. I might have to thank St. Thomas for a bit of it; something about waking up every single morning to a gorgeous sunny day with palm trees and that unbelievable blue-green Caribbean sea makes one a bit happier, a bit lighter of step. And then a charming sugar ant crawls up your arm. Oh well—nothing’s perfect.

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