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Medical Longings

We used to have a wonderful, sweet, old-school, top-of-the-line pediatrician on the mainland. He was part of a small practice – all members of which I adored – and there was a 24-hour number we could call with whatever concerns … Continue reading

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Water Update

A friend just informed me that WAPA said yesterday there will be rolling water outages until Friday. The saga continues…

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West Side Story

The 15th Annual Bordeaux Farmer’s Rastafari Agricultural and Cultural Food Fair took place this weekend in Bordeaux, on the far western side of the island. For an island this size, the geographies are surprisingly diverse. The western side is stunning, … Continue reading

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Newbie Winter, P.S.

BabyBoy has a cold now – a slight one, not that big of a deal, but a cold nevertheless. Usually by this time of year, BB would have had a cold for months. He would have had a constant runny … Continue reading

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Newbie Winter

Five months still qualifies one as a “newbie” on island; the word has been used to describe me four times in the last 48 hours. The first was when I was trying to ‘make nice’ while calling for last-minute, hard-to-get-in-high-season … Continue reading

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Three Kings; Wrap-Up; Water?

Today is “Three Kings Day,” or the Feast of Epiphany, in the Virgin Islands as well as in Puerto Rico and much of Latin America and the Caribbean; banks, federal offices, schools, and many businesses are shut. I gather it … Continue reading

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Special Things

Every night before BG falls asleep, she asks for ‘special things’ to put on her bedside table. ‘Special things’ is a classification that encompasses a massive variety of objects; the feature in common is that they must be pretty small … Continue reading

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