Ashamed Of Topic, But Must Be Done

In light of the fact that it has been well over a month since my last post, I am somewhat embarrassed that this one is essentially a reminder about tonight’s Real World: St. Thomas Premiere (MTV, 10/9c). Truly, there are many, many other aspects of my life that I would like to write about – that I MUST write about if I am to sleep at night and stop my fingers from itching to touch a keyboard all day long. However, first thing’s first. Tonight I am going to be plonked in front of a large television with good friends and something rummy in my hands, ready to hoot and holler at any sighting of someone or something we know. One of our friends bartended at the Real World cast ‘local,’ so we are counting on seeing him (young tall blond guy who looks a little like a latter-day Thor – trés cute). I am sure we will be somewhat disappointed with the show (I mean, it is about 20-somethings hooking up and advertising their general ignorance as far as I can figure from the trailers) but considering the chock-a-block social schedule here, every little amusing thing counts.


Summer has officially begun, and with it, the pace of life has slowed somewhat. The goal? Three posts a week for the next month. Time to finish hanging posts, update old ones, and write about all the cool things and randomness that surrounds us here on a daily basis. Tally-ho!

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