A Triumvirate Of Classic Island Crazy: Coconut War; Literal Bread; Future Chicken

I don’t buy the local paper every day, but I should; sometimes I don’t actually go into a place that sells them (when I can avoid spending money here, I go with it), and other days they are all sold out. Recently, on one of the ‘sold out’ days, a friend texted me an article that still makes me giggle. I really do need to pick up the Virgin Islands Daily News on a regular basis – you never know what gems you will find.

Last night, Mother’s Day Eve, I asked Husband to get a loaf of bread from Marina Market while he was out picking up dinner (I was certainly not about to cook, and we had already gone out for a family brunch). This morning, I opened the bag of bread to make sandwiches for Husband and BG. Slice after slice, they all looked like this; the sell-by date was yesterday. I guess at midnight the mold started to grow, and fast.

This afternoon I ran into Food Center to do a quick shop (only needed a few things – am hitting Price Smart tomorrow for the big stuff). I saw some split chicken breasts that looked good and bought them. Two hours later, I was writing a check at the Red Hook Mail Service where I was trying to send an Express envelope before 5 – turns out that if I had wanted it to go out today, I should have had it there by 9 a.m. At any rate (and I think their rates are 30% higher than normal, but it’s close when you’re in a pickle), I double-checked the date with the woman. “15th, right?” (thinking of the chicken I just bought. “No, 14th,” she said. I looked up. “Oh right, Mother’s Day was yesterday (now thinking of the bread). Well I just bought chicken at Food Center packed on the 15th of May, that’s why I thought it was the 15th.” This struck the woman as particularly funny, and she called to woman the back, “Hey, you want to buy chicken from the future? Go to Food Center – you can buy chicken packed tomorrow!”

Note: it is possible to buy moldy/spoiled/past date food anywhere on the island. I don’t mean to pick on Marina Market. The chicken, however, I can’t really explain.

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