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No Wire Hangers

Saturday morning Husband and I divided and conquered the children’s activities: he went to the monthly Home Depot Children’s Workshop with BB to build a boat, and I took BG to sailing class. I was watching BG clearly enjoying herself, … Continue reading

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We were off-island for much of this past summer, staying with family in New England where BabyGirl (now 5) and BabyBoy (3.5) attended a local nature day camp. At pick-up the first day, they were eagerly showing me their ‘be-yoooo-ti-ful’ … Continue reading

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Suddenly Silent No More

I wish I could say that in the months of silence since my last post I had accomplished something spectacular: written a bestselling novel, taught my children a foreign language, traveled to new exotic Caribbean locales, completely organized and cleaned … Continue reading

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Ashamed Of Topic, But Must Be Done

In light of the fact that it has been well over a month since my last post, I am somewhat embarrassed that this one is essentially a reminder about tonight’s Real World: St. Thomas Premiere (MTV, 10/9c). Truly, there are … Continue reading

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A Triumvirate Of Classic Island Crazy: Coconut War; Literal Bread; Future Chicken

I don’t buy the local paper every day, but I should; sometimes I don’t actually go into a place that sells them (when I can avoid spending money here, I go with it), and other days they are all sold … Continue reading

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Real World Tidbit (Spoiler Alert); A Big Day For Birthday Parties

Friday night I heard that one of the Real World: St. Thomas kids got kicked out of the house for drugs only a couple of days before filming wrapped. There is a large chance I am spreading baseless gossip, but … Continue reading

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Hiding From The Real World At Coral World

We decided to take a visiting Norwegian Friend –almost family – to Coral World early one Saturday morning with the Babies (frankly, you would have to be as close as family to brave Coral World with our two). Every time … Continue reading

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