Newbie Winter, P.S.

BabyBoy has a cold now – a slight one, not that big of a deal, but a cold nevertheless. Usually by this time of year, BB would have had a cold for months. He would have had a constant runny nose, sneezing, and the kind of symptoms that made us miss countless toddler classes in our previous life. On St. Thomas, he had a cold 6 weeks ago – a milder form of the one that every other island child seemed to have had, and it was hardly anything to write home about. Now he has a cold again, two days after our chilly windy swim. Coincidence? I have no idea. Maybe children acclimate faster than adults. At any rate, the babies will stay on dry land for a couple of days. Neighbors, feel free to say ‘I told you so.’ You have until BB’s nose stops running…

BB with beach toys for now. He is quite happy...

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1 Response to Newbie Winter, P.S.

  1. Sheba Douoguih says:

    You left just in time! It’s miserable here right now…cold and flu season is in full effect and let me tell you its been relentless this year. Counting the days until we can breathe some fresh air and feel the sunshine….

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