Friday Dilemma

There was no school today (Professional Day for Teachers, or some such reason) and this morning a bunch of us (mothers and children) hit Coral World, which is sort of like an indoor/outdoor aquarium. It was great fun, but hot and exhausting running after BB who is a whirling dervish and a possible future Olympic sprinter. At one point today he was in a little ‘cul de sac’ type area by the sea turtles, with high walls, other children, and another mother. I was standing at the ‘open’ end while I looked down for maybe 10 seconds to read a text message. I look up, and he is on the other side of the TWO ropes, about to descend the steep uneven stone steps into the turtle pool. Or at least he looked like he was contemplating it (feet or head first, I don’t know which). I can sprint pretty fast too, by the way.

BB sprinting to the Undersea Observatory Dome at Coral World.

BB with fish.

On our way out of Coral World, where the access road meets the main road, there are stalls and vendors and pick-up trucks parked backwards, selling everything from fruit and vegetables, to fish and coconuts. I was incredibly thirsty, actually on the correct side of the road for easy drive-up access, and I couldn’t help myself. I pulled over, punched on my hazards, said ‘Good Morning, how are you?’ and ordered ‘a coconut with a straw, please.’ That was the actual order for my first ‘drive-up’ experience on the island. He introduced himself (goes by the name of ‘Coconut’ evidently, which begs the question: nature, nurture, or nickname?), machete-d the big green coconut open, and handed me a straw in paper wrapping. I gave him 3 dollars, shook hands, Coconut thanked me for me for ‘drinking something fresh and unprocessed’ and I was on the road again in less than 3 minutes. It was very good (and healthy!).

Coconut in hand, getting heavy. Probably not legal either.

Perched on dash at home (but thrown away two minutes later - I bet ants LOVE coconuts).

Which brings me to my dilemma. Where on earth do you put an open coconut while driving a car? It certainly didn’t fit into the drink holder and it was incredibly heavy. I eventually put it between my legs (after I couldn’t hold it anymore) and shared the rest with the babies at home.  Happy Friday.

(And Part Two of the Chartered Day Out will come very soon!).

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