Frustrating Food Update, Sort Of

It turns out that I could have been wrong (twice in two days? inconceivable!) in blaming our fishy strawberries on either the store or the shipping process. According to this blog that my Mother found, it might have to do with GMOs.

And they aren’t listed in this group of certified non-GMO brands.

But, they have been members of this since 1997.

All of this being said, Driscolls swears up and down on their website that they don’t use GMOs. I feel like they would have been found out if they did, and evidently you can figure out what field your berries were grown in just from looking at the packaging (too late, our box is in the dumpster already). At any rate, I hope that someone on island grows strawberries so I can taste something divinely local and fresh soon (maybe the Rasta Farmer’s Market at the end of the month?). Until then, I am going to try some other berries for a while, and just imagine that my old box of strawberries was strategically placed under a box of fish for the ride over from Puerto Rico.

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1 Response to Frustrating Food Update, Sort Of

  1. Melanie Soto says:

    Interesting! Good to know!

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