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Six Month Statistics

In the six months since we moved here: We have had ONE hurricane (so low-grade that some people scoffed at it, but as it turned from a tropical storm into Hurricane Irene directly over us, it counts). Husband has had … Continue reading

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Medical Longings

We used to have a wonderful, sweet, old-school, top-of-the-line pediatrician on the mainland. He was part of a small practice – all members of which I adored – and there was a 24-hour number we could call with whatever concerns … Continue reading

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Newbie Winter, P.S.

BabyBoy has a cold now – a slight one, not that big of a deal, but a cold nevertheless. Usually by this time of year, BB would have had a cold for months. He would have had a constant runny … Continue reading

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Newbie Winter

Five months still qualifies one as a “newbie” on island; the word has been used to describe me four times in the last 48 hours. The first was when I was trying to ‘make nice’ while calling for last-minute, hard-to-get-in-high-season … Continue reading

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Three Kings; Wrap-Up; Water?

Today is “Three Kings Day,” or the Feast of Epiphany, in the Virgin Islands as well as in Puerto Rico and much of Latin America and the Caribbean; banks, federal offices, schools, and many businesses are shut. I gather it … Continue reading

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Special Things

Every night before BG falls asleep, she asks for ‘special things’ to put on her bedside table. ‘Special things’ is a classification that encompasses a massive variety of objects; the feature in common is that they must be pretty small … Continue reading

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A Change In Seasons

Everyone said it would happen eventually. As the August heat and intense humidity dragged on through September and into October, locals who have lived here over a year promised it would come. November brought no discernable change in the weather, … Continue reading

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